Monday, November 30, 2009

11-30-09 letter

I'm glad you had such a good Thanksgiving! I had a great one too with a Spanish family who was pretty funny and reminded me of Doug Snow's family. We also were hosting 2 Elders. One served in our ward for 6 months and was actually from the home town of the family we ate Thanksgiving dinner with.
Our work is actually pretty slow right now and we don't really have investigators, except three 8 year olds. But, we're still working hard and that's all that matters. I'm learning to be more bold and outgoing, but I still talk quiet a lot and feel really awkward talking to random people, especially while we're shopping. I haven't figured out a good way to bring up the gospel when your looking at cereal. I'll have to try and be creative to make it interesting. I did remember Marks birthday and you should hopefully have gotten a letter by now and I was hoping you could mail it too him. Have a great week, I'm glad you and dad have been hanging out with the Ghica's. Keep having fun for me:) I love you so much Mom and Dad, Love, your son, Bryce

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