Monday, June 28, 2010

Short letters

Hey Mom,

I bet I can write a shorter letter. I'll try not to, even though I am running a bit late. It was my fault that I am. I slept in the past two days. Unintentionally, but I have had a weird soar throat so I don't feel too terrible about it. Anyway, unimportant things. So, I really like my new companion Elder Stokes. He's from Colorado Springs, Colorado and he's actually lived up here before his mission on the air force bases. In his last area he ran into some of his old friends. That would be so weird for me. He's really tall, 6'3", and he doesn't talk much. Already I feel like we're good friends. I think he just takes a while to open up to people, kinda like me. He's willing to work hard, but we've been struggling to find work. We haven't quite on our current investigators, but they're not progressing right now either.
A cool thing that happened was an investigator who moved to Texas found our number and called us up to thank us for teaching her. We didn't think anything had come of it, but she said as soon as she gets settled in a house she's going to look up the missionaries down there and she wants to get baptized. It was great for me and Elder Simmons to hear that before he left. Sometimes we'll never get to see the results of our faith and efforts, but it's sure a blessing to see how the Lord takes care of His sheep.
I'm glad your knee is feeling better Mom. I didn't realize you were still wearing a brace. Wow, Gary is really starting Kindergarten! He's so old. I bet he's ready too. I better write him a quick letter. Can you read it to him?

Dear Gary,
I miss you so much! Thank you for writing me letters. Are you excited to go to Kindergarten and meet some new friends? I remember when I went to kindergarten I was a little scared, but I had so much fun. I had my brother Bruce to go with me too. If you just do something nice or say hi to someone they will probably want to be your friend. I love you Gary. Give Grandma and Grandpa a big hug for me, OK? See you later,
Love Uncle Brycey

Love you too Mom, keep sharing your great insights.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010


Hey Mom!

The Bethel family did get baptized! Everything worked out so perfectly. We taught the kids the last lesson a half hour before their baptismal interviews. I confirmed the 10 year old boy Miles. Man, there's so much I want to talk to you about but I won't have near enough time. I'm staying here, but my companion Elder Simmons is going down to south Anchorage to the same chapel I came from and the neighboring ward. He's having a hard time leaving. He's been a wonderful companion for me, like Elder Jonas sounds to Bruce. I don't know much about my new companion, but I'm sure he'll be great.
We taught Relief Society this Sunday, that was weird and kinda intimidating.
Oops I didn't finish. Well really I gotta go, but I'm glad you got everything alright. Tell Gary I loved his letter and I'll do better to write him. I'm so lucky to have such a loving family. Love you tons Mom.
I'm hoping pictures make up for my lack of writing;)

Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey Dad,
Thanks for the letter! Well, last week we didn't have time to go fishing, but we did today. We still haven't caught anything, but we had a couple nibbles and I saw one jump. Yeah, we use salmon roe for bait. This is way different fishing than I've ever done. Right now there's only Kings in and they've barely started. The Reds (Sockeye) are coming in next, then Silvers. We can just fish from shore so we can't dip net or boat but they say the river fishing is great here. I love just being outdoors here. I think the 8 month wait for summer makes me appreciate it a ton. It is so green and pretty here. I'm glad spring was nice and New Harmony reminds me of Alaska. Especially the rocky dirt! I hope you have fun at Thunder Ridge.
So that family, the Bethels, are on date to be baptized tomorrow! They're having their baptismal interviews tonight. The reason why it's so soon is the kids are going to be leaving until the end of July, and the Mom wanted them there and baptized at the same time. The husband is able to baptize them too, so it's way awesome. I didn't think there was any way they would get baptized before the end of this transfer. Elder Simmons is probably leaving so it's way good for him.
Even though I get way excited to fish on Mondays, I'll be excited to do the really important fishing on the rest of the week:)
I love you Dad and I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for all that you do and are, especially as my father. Love, Bryce
Hey Mom,
Thanks for the letter. I don't know if you're home now. Sorry this is late. We went fishing this morning. No luck again, but it was worth it. When I said that about your letter I was meaning you described everything so well that it felt like I was there. So I enjoyed reading it. I heard St. George is turning into its own mission. Is that why you're housing missionaries down there?
Oh, before I forget, did you get my package? It has a gift for Crystal, Brandon, and possibly Liam. But I have some little wood things that I want to give to all the nieces and nephews so you can keep Liam’s for now. I hope Crystal got hers in time. I'm going to send Dad at least a card for Father’s Day.
I already told Dad the good news about the Bethel family. The mom and two kids who are 10 and 12 are getting baptized tomorrow! We're teaching the kids the last lesson about the commandments tonight and then they're getting interviewed. They were so prepared to be baptized too. Most of them have friends who are members, and the mom read the entire and the Gospel Principles Manuel. Did I tell you the 12 year old went to girls camp with her 2 older sisters and she loved it. We should have a good upcoming week with our other investigators too. So everything is going great. Thank you for your love and prayers.
I love you too!
Dang it! My letter is even shorter than your short letter.

Monday, June 7, 2010


Hey Mom,
I just read your letter and I feel like I was there all week. I won't really have much time to write back either. I'm glad Brandon and Valorie's place is working out. And that'll be cool to have the AP's there. Will you feed them breakfast and stuff too? I'm sure they'll love to talk to you about how things are going, but I'd suggest to be considerate of their time too. I'm sure you are. Sis. Hintze's quote is cool. I'm glad Dad went camping. I think offers to go camping are more tempting for me than 4-wheeling or boating. We didn't have any luck fishing last week, but we heard the King's are in and that guy is taking us again today.
This week was so great for me. A part member family that we found and started teaching came to church twice now and we taught the wife pretty much everything and she said she wants to get baptized. Two of their kids do too who aren't baptized. We had Zone Conference and President Dance talked to Elder Simmons and me about them. He was so excited and he told us he hadn't prayed more over any other area. He didn't know what to do because our progress and numbers were so low. This family was definitely an answer to prayer and Elder Simmons and I have seen so many miracles here this last transfer. I've been able to do some fun service this week to: mow lawns, plant a garden, work in a recycle center, dig out an old concrete fence post, and shovel gravel. I'm doing wonderful and I feel like I'm being carried in the Lord's hands. I love you so much Mom and Dad. Just about as much as my Heavenly Father;) Thank you for your example of always striving to put the Lord first and follow Him. Have a great trip to Josh's wedding.