Monday, June 7, 2010


Hey Mom,
I just read your letter and I feel like I was there all week. I won't really have much time to write back either. I'm glad Brandon and Valorie's place is working out. And that'll be cool to have the AP's there. Will you feed them breakfast and stuff too? I'm sure they'll love to talk to you about how things are going, but I'd suggest to be considerate of their time too. I'm sure you are. Sis. Hintze's quote is cool. I'm glad Dad went camping. I think offers to go camping are more tempting for me than 4-wheeling or boating. We didn't have any luck fishing last week, but we heard the King's are in and that guy is taking us again today.
This week was so great for me. A part member family that we found and started teaching came to church twice now and we taught the wife pretty much everything and she said she wants to get baptized. Two of their kids do too who aren't baptized. We had Zone Conference and President Dance talked to Elder Simmons and me about them. He was so excited and he told us he hadn't prayed more over any other area. He didn't know what to do because our progress and numbers were so low. This family was definitely an answer to prayer and Elder Simmons and I have seen so many miracles here this last transfer. I've been able to do some fun service this week to: mow lawns, plant a garden, work in a recycle center, dig out an old concrete fence post, and shovel gravel. I'm doing wonderful and I feel like I'm being carried in the Lord's hands. I love you so much Mom and Dad. Just about as much as my Heavenly Father;) Thank you for your example of always striving to put the Lord first and follow Him. Have a great trip to Josh's wedding.

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