Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Sorry, couldn't write

Hey sorry I couldn't write you
I have pday today because we were supposed to go to the temple this morning. Elder Connors is pretty sick so we didn't make it which was pretty sad. He is having me drive though which is kinda cool. I should get to go to the temple every 2 transfers unless I'm too far away. It still hasn't snowed yet and only started raining like yesterday. I'm excited for it to snow. Here in Anchorage the coldest it gets is around -20 degrees. It's only like 50 now. Bruce wrote a nice letter. He seems to be catching right on to the culture and everything. I'm still trying to catch on to the Alaska culture too. The people here seem pretty settled in, except they work a lot. A lot of the people here are very rich. I like the ward a lot. They're very welcoming to me and we're getting fed a lot. This area is definitely a lower baptizing area but we are starting a lot of teaching already.
That's crazy you all got sick, I'm glad your getting better. Everyone here's sick too it seems. I'll send some journals home today. Thanks for the emails, prayer, and love. I love you and I'll talk later.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Elder Wainwright with President & Sister Dance

Elder Bryce Wainwright
3808 W. 79th Ave #2
Anchorage, AK 99502

Friday, October 23, 2009

Yes, Yes, I'm in Alaska

Hey Mom, thanks for all your emails. I have so much to tell you but likely won't get to. Hopefully I remember the important stuff though. So I'm not sick at all. I can only email you and dad at home so you'll have to spread it around for me:) A blog page like dad was talking about would be cool too. Monday is my Prep day. I have my overcoat if I didn't tell you and I just got a nice coat nicer than a parka. I have a great companion, Elder Connors, I think he most reminds me of Scott Snow. He's very dedicated and cares about strict obedience, but he's also lax and very willing to help me out and get me comfortable with the schedule, ward, and work. We have a guy Chyenne who already has a date set to be baptized and he let me give him a blessing of comfort to help him quit smoking. That was so awesome and I know it'll help if he felt what I felt during it. I definitely felt of God's love for Chyenne. That was cool. It sounds like Bruce is doing great. Probably next time I'll write a personal letter to him you can forward him. I don't know if I trust all that pouch stuff either. Well, I love the Mission Pres. and his wife. He's also focused on the rules more too which is good. Oh yeah, like apparently I can't use my mp3 player at all:( So much for that I guess. Hopefully I can get a member to burn the music to a cd. If not I'll send it to you to burn some cd's for me:) Cd's even mp3 cd's work in our car. We drive a red ford fussion! I feel like we're on vacation. My companion and I have our own app. with 2 rooms and a kitchen and living room. We just have one ward to cover and we're working a lot with the members right now, trying to get them to do the work. Dang I gotta go to the DMV and shop and such. Love you so much!

Elder Wainwright
The Church of
of Latter-day Saints