Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter weekend was great. We ended up doing a lot of service which was nice being busy. We hauled a bunch of wood for the Ashcraft's who do our laundry with their son while they were gone. And Saturday, went like this, we got up at six to pick up 2 elders to go to basketball for exercise and set up the volleyball net for an activity we've been organizing. At 8am we went with 4 missionaries to move Heather and Ryan(from St. George) out of our ward. We got the Uhaul loaded and went to start up volleyball at 10am. There was a pretty good showing, and right after that Elder Savaiinaea and I drove back to move the couple in. We were the only ones who could help and their new place was on the 3rd floor, so we were about toast by the time we finished, which somehow was only 3pm. We just went to the Hawaiian dinner in our service clothes and got there in time to say the prayer. The food was awesome, but we were super tired and there was only one member there and some alcohol so we felt kinda out of place and didn't stay long. I was just surprised we were able to do all of that and I'm getting tired just writing about it. Sunday was really nice. We had dinner at the High Priest group leaders, and stopped at the Bishop's house afterward. That was the biggest thing that happened this week.
Sounds like your Easter was nice and quiet. Well, maybe not if the grandkids were there. It's too bad they're getting sick again.
I'm excited to talk to you soon. Love Elder Bryce Wainwright

Monday, April 18, 2011


Hey Mom
Thanks for being thoughtful and writing an early letter. I'm also grateful you write every week. That's cool Ghica's put grass in their back yard. I was thinking Ionut, birthday today, but I'll still have to write him a note or something anyway. Are the Wainwright's going to St. George again for Easter? On Saturday we're going to do a little Easter egg hunt with our ward mission leader and hopefully some people. Also, we were invited to another Easter party with some Hawaiians.
Something interresting. A part member couple in our ward, Ryan Duvall, is from St. George and he went to Panorama and Pine View Middle the same year as me. We didn't know each other, but we had to have crossed paths before.
This week was a bit slow. We tracted practically all day Saturday, and I actually was sweating and got a little sun burned, which I didn't think was possible in Alaska. The snow is almost melted finally. It's in the 40's and it feels pretty warm.
Have a wonderful Easter. Talk to you soon.
Love Elder Bryce Wainwright

Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Hey Mom,
I feel bad that I missed Grandma's and Emily's birthdays. I've forgotten to write for so many people's. The pictures are awesome. It looks like so many kids. Today is transfers, so that's why I'm writing on Tuesday. But, Elder Savaiinaea and I are staying together again, which I expected and am glad about. I've enjoyed serving with him, even though it's been kinda slow and hard, I've learned a lot and have had fun. This week was pretty successful. We started teaching a couple, Angel and Sky, who we had gotten a call from a member to meet at their house and give them a blessing. We ended up teaching them the Restoration before we gave the blessing and they want to learn more and said they might make it to Stake Conference on Sunday. We also had dinner with and taught an inactive part member family and should be teaching them more. We taught Shelby again, but she's not really progressing right now. Also, we gave another investigator who we haven't met with in a long time a blessing because he has bad arthritis and has been out of work for 6 months.
Thanks for being considerate about making me "trunky" talking about Bruce going home. I might miss being there, but I do enjoy hearing what's going on. Speaking of Bruce going to school, I don't know if I need to start applying for classes or anything? As of now, I'm planning on going to BYU in the winter.
I love you and Dad and hope you're all going good.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey Mom,
Conference was so great. It's always been so amazing for me since I've come out on a mission. Sadly, we didn't have any investigators there. I didn't notice which one talked about shying away. Was it the one about being committed to act, I think by Elder Eyring? My favorite was probably in the last session by Lynn G. Robbins about being, more than just doing. And he said that baptism and taking the sacrament are what we need to do, but having faith in Christ and worthiness are what we need to be in order to do the other. Something like that. Anyway, he said the "be" we will never be able to check off, but always must work on. Priesthood Session was way good, about using the power of the Priesthood more.
We missed some of the Saturday afternoon session too, because we decided to go tracting between sessions and we ran into a Hawaiian couple who have had missionaries over before and she started making us lunch at 11:45 and it was almost 1 before we got out.
That was a way awesome April fools party. It seems like you guys have something fun every week. Somehow, we managed not to be pranked. And the only prank we were going to do got ruined. We were eating dinner with another set of missionaries, and on our way up to their area I started making a plan that we would call the elders and tell them if they still wanted us to come to dinner they would have to come pick us up because we just slid off the road into a ditch and hit a tree. Just as we made up our plan, we drove by the missionaries and they waved at us, and it totally ruined our plan.
Our dinner with the Baptist preacher went better than I thought. We were able to teach most of the gospel of Jesus Christ and a little of the Restoration and the Plan of Salvation. It was pretty jumbled because they kept asking tons of different questions. When I was explaining the gift of the Holy Ghost and how he can be our constant companion, they got stuck on that the Spirit can leave you if you sin. They basically believe that once you believe and declare it than you are saved. And your not saved by works. They invited us over again for dinner tomorrow so that's pretty good. I like what you said about just bearing testimony, because they want proof in the Bible, but even if I can show them anything only the Spirit will let them know the truth of the Restoration through sincere prayer and reading the Book of Mormon.
So, this should be a good week. It's crazy it's the last week of the transfer. Hope you have a good week too and get to do something else exciting. Love
Elder Bryce Wainwright

Friday, April 1, 2011


Hey Mom,
Shelby isn't on date. We had a good lesson with her and our ward mission leader and Relief Society President, but something is still keeping her from getting baptized, so we'll have to figure that out. Also, they sold their house so they could be moving anytime and she didn't make it to church again. That's kinda disappointing, but I still feel like she will join the church. Something interesting is a Baptist preacher is going to feed us dinner tomorrow and wants to have a "Bible study" with us. We had tracted into them and they wanted to talk with us. Hopefully, we can prevent it being a Bible bash. I'm hopeful that as we get closer to summer, things pick up for us. Right now it's still really icy and it just snowed last night. I'm excited for conference, it came way fast.
Something they do here, that I haven't seen anywhere else is have a transfer site next to the dumpsters where people leave stuff that is still good for someone else to take. That way people don't have to dumpster dive. We've found some cool stuff like an Iron Man pull up bar and running shoes. We drive by on our way to our apartment.
Not much else happened this week except we had specialized training from President Dance, mostly about making baptismal services more meaningful. Thank you so much for your care and your prayers. I love you and hope you have another wonderful week.
Elder Bryce Wainwright