Monday, May 31, 2010

Fishing Cont.

Hello again,
So we went fishing, but didn't have any luck at all. We were a little early in the season. It was still so nice to be out on the river in the sun in 75 degrees. That's why they call it fishing not catching, right. Thanks for the great email and letter you sent. I did love Emily's blog. And thanks for the info about Matt. I don't know if I could handle being in his place. And Argentina sounds pretty intense. The worst bugs up here are mosquitoes. I had a wonderful week too. We found a part member family and the wife wanted us to start teaching her. They're way awesome and their whole family of 9 came to church. Church was all about eternal families and we went over after church and she loved it and has accepted everything we teach her. I can see how she's been prepared to hear the gospel. We also went to that Bible study again and it was only us and Joel so he started asking us some questions and we were able to teach the Plan of Salvation to him. He hasn't accepted it yet, but I think the Spirit will work on him. We did a lot of unplanned service this week which is way fun and helps show that love for people. We've just been busy non-stop it seems which is amazing, especially for the beginning of summer when people are so busy too. I agree with Bruce that I am so very blessed for some reason. I'm trying to just show my gratitude by making the most of every opportunity I have. And then like Brandon told me, be happy with my best and know it's my best. Anyway, I'm glad you and Dad are pleased with your callings and I enjoy hearing what you learned from the Old Testament. Have a wonderful week and I'll be waiting to hear from you next Monday(except we're planning on fishing again).
All my love,

We had an amazing dutch oven dinner with ripe watermelon on Sunday that made me think of Dad.

Kimg Salmon Fishing

Hey Mom,
. . . so we're on our way out to go King Salmon fishing right now. A member in the ward is taking us(the guy who's wife died). I just printed your letter off and will have read it later. I guess it's pay backs ;)
I love you and Dad. Have a great Memorial Day!

PS - Grandma's fireplace is awesome! And so are Brandon's sculptures

Monday, May 17, 2010


That's great insight into the Old Testament. I had reasoned that the people of the Old Testament must have been hard hearted and simple minded, but it makes so much sense that it was because of the conditions that they had been in. Recently we have run into some guys who use the Old Testament and harsh punishments that God gave the people to reason that God is unjust, or inhumane, or inconsistent with Christ's teachings. It is sad that they take these lessons that God has given us to learn from, and use it to deny God. One of the guys used to be a preacher and the other got his degree in religion. I think that shows how hard Satan is working and how subtle he is to lead away the hearts of men from God. I want to show your letter to one of these guys.
This past week has been really great though. We've been making progress with a less active guy's son who isn't baptized, and a member family took him to the Priesthood Commemoration camp and then to church yesterday. 3 other people committed to come to church too but didn't make it, so that's a little disappointing but atleast they wanted to come.
We did get to go fishing at a member's private lake. (I forgot to bring my camera cord to send you a picture) I caught a pretty big Rainbow Trout my second cast even though I was using a salmon pole and huge line. I'd say it was about 4 lbs or more. We ate them for lunch the next day. They were good, except the red salmon tastes better.
Anyway, thank you for strong testimony and wisdom. You are such an example to me, even when when you're so far away. I love you too!

PS- Elder Simmons and I are going to hike Lazy Mountain today. I'm excited. However, I don't know how "lazy" of a hike it'll be.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey again!
I'm so glad I was able to talk to everyone. And I loved talking individually to you. Were Crystal and Ionut, at our house when I called? If they were, I wish I would have talked to them. At least I got to earlier a little. I can't believe it's been almost 8 months since I left. It felt so normal to talk to you. I have so many good memories to remember with the family. Kinda like your lesson I'm trying to always remember the Savior by noticing the answers to my prayers and remembering when the Holy Ghost has prompted me to do something. Sometimes it's easier to recognize the Spirit in the past than while your trying to follow it.
So both Elder Simmons and I are staying. We were surprised but we're way excited to stay. Also, good news, 2 of our investigators who we thought didn't want us to come over asked why we hadn't been over for so long. So it was great to get invitations to come over. I think we'll be able to get a couple people to the point of baptism this transfer so we have a lot to look forward to and work toward. This morning we had a Bible study with 2 pastors from a local Christian church and it went pretty well. We didn't really disagree on anything so that was better than our last visit with the one in our area and his wife. A member of our ward is good friends with the wife though so that helps us have their trust more. It's sad that they have so much knowledge and faith, but don't understand what they are missing.
Could you tell everyone thank you for all their help financially and especially for their prayers? It's such a blessing to be able to give all of my time to studying and teaching and not have to worry about what's in my wallet or what to eat, like it talks about in the scriptures.
Thank you for love and care.
I love you (two)too!

PS- We might go fishing today. The lakes are all melted.

Monday, May 3, 2010


Hey Mom and Dad,
It sounds like you had a good week. I'm glad you like the census job Dad. So many people think we're Jehovah's Witnesses. But tracting does seem to be getting better because of spring. The grass is finally starting to turn green and people are just sitting outside soaking up the sun. A funny thing is people burn their grass so it will grow faster. I don't think it does.
Our area really is picking up though. We have 5 investigators basically and should get 2 more next week.
So with phone calls Bruce wants to see if we can conference call, but I think that would mean I would have to call at 9pm-ish on Saturday night. Because I am 2 hours earlier than you, and you are 11 hours earlier than Bruce, right? Can you email me back as soon as you can to see if you want to do that?
If not, I'll probably call you around 1pm, so 3pm your time. And that would be fine with me too.
Anyway, I'm just excited to talk to you too!
Love you all, and I'll talk to you soon.
PS too,
The sandhill cranes and geese only stuck around for about 3 days so they must be further north. They are loud and funny sounding. The Canadian Geese reminded me of that movie though. We opened our back sliding door and could hear them while we studied. There's a couple bald Eagles we see around though. I'm so excited for the summer here, except the mosquitoes which are already here. That's an awesome story about that hummingbird Mom. All of nature is a testament of God's creations I think.
Anyway, take care Mom and Dad