Monday, May 17, 2010


That's great insight into the Old Testament. I had reasoned that the people of the Old Testament must have been hard hearted and simple minded, but it makes so much sense that it was because of the conditions that they had been in. Recently we have run into some guys who use the Old Testament and harsh punishments that God gave the people to reason that God is unjust, or inhumane, or inconsistent with Christ's teachings. It is sad that they take these lessons that God has given us to learn from, and use it to deny God. One of the guys used to be a preacher and the other got his degree in religion. I think that shows how hard Satan is working and how subtle he is to lead away the hearts of men from God. I want to show your letter to one of these guys.
This past week has been really great though. We've been making progress with a less active guy's son who isn't baptized, and a member family took him to the Priesthood Commemoration camp and then to church yesterday. 3 other people committed to come to church too but didn't make it, so that's a little disappointing but atleast they wanted to come.
We did get to go fishing at a member's private lake. (I forgot to bring my camera cord to send you a picture) I caught a pretty big Rainbow Trout my second cast even though I was using a salmon pole and huge line. I'd say it was about 4 lbs or more. We ate them for lunch the next day. They were good, except the red salmon tastes better.
Anyway, thank you for strong testimony and wisdom. You are such an example to me, even when when you're so far away. I love you too!

PS- Elder Simmons and I are going to hike Lazy Mountain today. I'm excited. However, I don't know how "lazy" of a hike it'll be.

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