Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Hey again!
I'm so glad I was able to talk to everyone. And I loved talking individually to you. Were Crystal and Ionut, at our house when I called? If they were, I wish I would have talked to them. At least I got to earlier a little. I can't believe it's been almost 8 months since I left. It felt so normal to talk to you. I have so many good memories to remember with the family. Kinda like your lesson I'm trying to always remember the Savior by noticing the answers to my prayers and remembering when the Holy Ghost has prompted me to do something. Sometimes it's easier to recognize the Spirit in the past than while your trying to follow it.
So both Elder Simmons and I are staying. We were surprised but we're way excited to stay. Also, good news, 2 of our investigators who we thought didn't want us to come over asked why we hadn't been over for so long. So it was great to get invitations to come over. I think we'll be able to get a couple people to the point of baptism this transfer so we have a lot to look forward to and work toward. This morning we had a Bible study with 2 pastors from a local Christian church and it went pretty well. We didn't really disagree on anything so that was better than our last visit with the one in our area and his wife. A member of our ward is good friends with the wife though so that helps us have their trust more. It's sad that they have so much knowledge and faith, but don't understand what they are missing.
Could you tell everyone thank you for all their help financially and especially for their prayers? It's such a blessing to be able to give all of my time to studying and teaching and not have to worry about what's in my wallet or what to eat, like it talks about in the scriptures.
Thank you for love and care.
I love you (two)too!

PS- We might go fishing today. The lakes are all melted.

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