Monday, April 25, 2011


Easter weekend was great. We ended up doing a lot of service which was nice being busy. We hauled a bunch of wood for the Ashcraft's who do our laundry with their son while they were gone. And Saturday, went like this, we got up at six to pick up 2 elders to go to basketball for exercise and set up the volleyball net for an activity we've been organizing. At 8am we went with 4 missionaries to move Heather and Ryan(from St. George) out of our ward. We got the Uhaul loaded and went to start up volleyball at 10am. There was a pretty good showing, and right after that Elder Savaiinaea and I drove back to move the couple in. We were the only ones who could help and their new place was on the 3rd floor, so we were about toast by the time we finished, which somehow was only 3pm. We just went to the Hawaiian dinner in our service clothes and got there in time to say the prayer. The food was awesome, but we were super tired and there was only one member there and some alcohol so we felt kinda out of place and didn't stay long. I was just surprised we were able to do all of that and I'm getting tired just writing about it. Sunday was really nice. We had dinner at the High Priest group leaders, and stopped at the Bishop's house afterward. That was the biggest thing that happened this week.
Sounds like your Easter was nice and quiet. Well, maybe not if the grandkids were there. It's too bad they're getting sick again.
I'm excited to talk to you soon. Love Elder Bryce Wainwright

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