Monday, June 14, 2010


Hey Dad,
Thanks for the letter! Well, last week we didn't have time to go fishing, but we did today. We still haven't caught anything, but we had a couple nibbles and I saw one jump. Yeah, we use salmon roe for bait. This is way different fishing than I've ever done. Right now there's only Kings in and they've barely started. The Reds (Sockeye) are coming in next, then Silvers. We can just fish from shore so we can't dip net or boat but they say the river fishing is great here. I love just being outdoors here. I think the 8 month wait for summer makes me appreciate it a ton. It is so green and pretty here. I'm glad spring was nice and New Harmony reminds me of Alaska. Especially the rocky dirt! I hope you have fun at Thunder Ridge.
So that family, the Bethels, are on date to be baptized tomorrow! They're having their baptismal interviews tonight. The reason why it's so soon is the kids are going to be leaving until the end of July, and the Mom wanted them there and baptized at the same time. The husband is able to baptize them too, so it's way awesome. I didn't think there was any way they would get baptized before the end of this transfer. Elder Simmons is probably leaving so it's way good for him.
Even though I get way excited to fish on Mondays, I'll be excited to do the really important fishing on the rest of the week:)
I love you Dad and I hope you have a wonderful week! Thanks for all that you do and are, especially as my father. Love, Bryce
Hey Mom,
Thanks for the letter. I don't know if you're home now. Sorry this is late. We went fishing this morning. No luck again, but it was worth it. When I said that about your letter I was meaning you described everything so well that it felt like I was there. So I enjoyed reading it. I heard St. George is turning into its own mission. Is that why you're housing missionaries down there?
Oh, before I forget, did you get my package? It has a gift for Crystal, Brandon, and possibly Liam. But I have some little wood things that I want to give to all the nieces and nephews so you can keep Liam’s for now. I hope Crystal got hers in time. I'm going to send Dad at least a card for Father’s Day.
I already told Dad the good news about the Bethel family. The mom and two kids who are 10 and 12 are getting baptized tomorrow! We're teaching the kids the last lesson about the commandments tonight and then they're getting interviewed. They were so prepared to be baptized too. Most of them have friends who are members, and the mom read the entire and the Gospel Principles Manuel. Did I tell you the 12 year old went to girls camp with her 2 older sisters and she loved it. We should have a good upcoming week with our other investigators too. So everything is going great. Thank you for your love and prayers.
I love you too!
Dang it! My letter is even shorter than your short letter.

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