Sunday, November 29, 2009

Jrnl 11-9-09 --11-15-09 & letter

Jrnl 11-9-09
This was an interesting preparation day. It was a good thing we did our cleaning, emailing, sending out a letter, and shopping all before lunch, because after playing racquetball for about an hour and a half, we had an emergency service project. It was a little tuff. I think this old lady had been evicted because she had a huge u-haul that looked like her stuff had just been piled in, and we were trying to put it all in a storage unit that was just a little bigger than the u-haul. She was too weak to pick anything up and she hadn’t found anywhere to stay, either. I was so glad I and some other elders could help her, even though we missed our dinner. We had another good meeting with Cheyenne and gave him a quad set of scriptures so his house is pretty loaded now with Book of Mormons. Last time we met with him on Saturday, Megan’s twin sister was over and she was saying she doesn’t believe God would send any of his children to hell. Elder Connors pretty much refuted that idea. Yeah, he’s very straight forward and upfront with anything he doesn’t agree with or not true. Which, I think it worked out all right in this case and he talked about his father’s example later and that is likely the strongest I’ve felt the Spirit during our lessons so far. She also committed to come to church with the Clarks.
Jrnl 11-11-09
This morning we left at 7 a.m. for Zone Conference because we were car pooling with Elder Murphy and Giles (ZL’s) and Elder Connors had a DL meeting. During that Sister Dance talked to the junior companions about cooperating with and loving our companions. She told us to tell our comps an attribute or principle they exemplify and how they have showed it. The rest of zone Conference was really good, too. A lot of it was reiterating and reporting back on Elder Arnold of the Seventy from the last Zone Conference. Mostly on teaching with and about the Book of Mormon and working through and with members. Elder Grawrock, Lowe, and Lewis were there from my MTC district. It was nice to see them again. It felt like meeting up with old friends again.
Dinner was a crazy event. We were going to be late for dinner so we left a message on the Bishop’s (last name) phone. So when we got to her house and said we’re sorry for being late and all she said we weren’t late at all. We were kind of confused and didn’t see any food or anything. So finally Elder Connors asked if she had signed up for dinner and she said no. Eventually we found out there were 2 ‘Bishop’ families and the ones who were signed up had just moved in. As if the last name Bishop isn’t confusing enough. And this practically happened last night with the Thompson families, too. I’ll eventually get it all down if I stay her long enough. We taught Savan Clark the Gospel of Jesus Christ tonight because Cheyenne was at work still. She is 8 and she said she wants to get baptized.
Jrnl 11-12-09
I’d say today was a tuff day. Elder Connors and I were both very tired after lunch. And it didn’t help that I had a headache and not one person was home before 5 p.m. But, because I am so blessed, we set an appointment with a less active and part member sister, and had a nice dinner with the Woodard’s (recent converts). It was good to get to know them better and I think it was really good for Sheena. She’s been sick and has to get surgery soon for some ‘female’ reason and she has seemed a bit bogged down. It’s really hard to leave homes and keep appointments under an hour when you’re having good conversations and starting to really get to know them. Keeping lessons and appointments short is something I want to work on based on the Zone Conference. Oh yeah, I was also blessed by getting 3 letters from home! Which I’m going to finish reading now.
Jrnl 11-13-09
This morning was weekly planning and it’s sad to say, but I think this was the first time I really opened up to Elder Connors and told him what I thought and felt of how he is teaching me. I haven’t been able to understand him and his reasoning, but I’m coming to learn that he really does care about me and my diligence to this work and he has put his trust in me and expects me to be my best but I learned some important lessons and the situation is better. I know I’ve been doing all I can and obedience is the most important thing I can be doing right now because that is what brings me the Spirit and that is the only way I can be successful.
Jrnl 11-14-09
We went to Jeremy (recently reactivated) Porter’s this morning and had a delicious pancake, eggs, and bacon breakfast with them. We made Jeremy late for work, though. Jeremy is way cool and has a very strong testimony. (He reminds me of Mark how he’s built and kind of how he acts.) It’s awesome, and very kind of them, they gave us one of their bathroom scales so now we have one. I’m not sure if that’s motivating or depressing. So far it’s stayed the same all five times in a row I stepped on it. I’m glad it’s Sunday tomorrow.
We’ve been listening to some really sweet CD’s. Elder Connors got “The Presidents of the Church" by Truman G. Madsen and it says some amazing stories about all the prophets. I’m now listening to Lectures on Faith that Joseph Smith prepared for I think the School of the Prophets. It’s powerful stuff about faith, it’s necessity, and the Godhead and stuff. I also just bought "Jesus of Nazareth" by Truman G. Madsen. Elder Connors said you can basically only get CD’s here in Anchorage, so I made sure I had a couple. A member also gave us some TAB Choir CD’s.
Jrnl 11-15-09
This Sunday was actually quite productive. Cheyenne finally made it to church a second time with his family even including his wife Megan’s twin sister, Page, who hadn’t been to church for a long time but we committed her to come with Megan. Anyway, now Cheyenne is getting baptized on Saturday. I’m going to get to baptize him. Also, Sister Wright brought an investigator with her and stayed for all of church. Then we had the Elders (Day & Rashband) set an appointment to teach her. It was kind of funny she’s probably 70 or 80 and she said she’s basically sick of being Lutheran so she’s checking out the Mormon Church. Later tonight I had a chance to talk to Bishop Kimpton a little while Elder Connors was taking a pit stop. He was way excited about Cheyenne getting baptized (oh yeah, and a random guy who had been dropped from his baptism date a while back came to church and the bishop convinced him he needed to be baptized) and it was nice to just talk to him because sometimes it feels like we’re just someone the bishop has to deal with or in the way. He’s a really great man, though. We just need to earn his trust, I guess.

Hey Mom and Dad,
I just wanted to write you a little note. Dad, I think I’m starting to appreciate your calling as a bishop. I still don’t know at all how you have the energy to be Bishop, work all day, and still have fun and be so happy afterward. I hope I can acquire some of that attitude. Every day I think about and feel the love you both have for me. I imagine our Heavenly Father’s love is much like yours only magnified. I am so lucky to know a little of His love and plans for me and all His children. I am trying to learn how to share Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ’s love and influence with this ward and every one we talk to.
Have a wonderful Thanksgiving, or weekend if it’s over. You don’t have to buy another T.V. on Black Friday . . . at least until I get back :) Love you! I’ll talk to you Monday, Bryce
Galatians 6:11
Ye see how large a letter I have written unto you with mine own hand. :)

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  1. It sounds like bryce is doing well in alaska. its good to hear about all of his missionary goings on.