Monday, November 9, 2009


Thanks so much for mailing the letters! That will help me out a lot actually. It's way good to hear your having fun with Gary and Sara and everyone. Gary wrote me a letter and I was laughing out loud from it. It finally snowed last night! It's way awesome there's like an inch and it doesn't really melt off the roads. Our car has studded tires though so we don't really slide at all. I'll have to send you some pictures, though. I've been meaning to. I think I can print them at Walmart. I really liked ward conference yesterday. I already feel like a part of this ward. I am playing racquetball today and I did last pday too. It's nice to have time to do fun stuff like that. Maybe I'll get to go ice skating this winter. I love you all and I'm excited to get some letters.
Oh yeah, I started feeling feverish and congested and a soar throat, but I got a blessing and I'm feeling better already.
We were going to have a baptism on the 14th but now it should be on the 21st.
Love you.

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