Monday, November 16, 2009

Journals 10-31-09 through 11-8-09

Jrnl 10-31-09
Happy Halloween! Today was mostly a normal day. It was nice to get to go to the Trunk or Treat though. Cheyenne went with his family. The people upstairs are partying pretty hard. Like every day we can hear their rap. So we’ll pray in the car on our way out. So we go street contacting like every other day, which actually isn’t very much, but this isn’t a good tracking area supposedly. Anyway, It’s starting to get pretty cold and I’m worried about when it starts snowing. I’m anxious to see snow, though. Everyone keeps saying it should have snowed by now. And it’ll be awesome to actually have a white Christmas (and a car with good heating). We taught Dale Whaline lesson 1 and bore our testimonies to him. He seemed more interested in talking than the lesson, but he still wants to red the Book of Mormon. Elder Connors said it’s now basically up to him to commit himself to read and then pray about it. That is really the only way the Spirit can testify of it’s truth is when the individuals are motivated to make that personal act of faith.
Jrnl 11-1-09
I had a really nice fast Sunday. Cheyenne and his family made it. We were way worried when Church started and they weren’t there. We were getting close to driving over to their house. But they made it and there were some nice testimonies bore. I think it was a blessing that Cheyenne left before Priesthood because there is a brother who is very antagonistic with his comments and it wasn’t a very constructive discussion about temple work, so it wouldn’t have been good for Cheyenne to be there. But every day I see Cheyenne’s testimony grow. Also he’s gone a day and one half without smoking so he’s well on his way.
Jrnl 11-3-09
Mostly, I just want to say I am so thankful for prayer and the more I pray in faith, the more I learn the importance and great power that it has. I know heavenly Father has so many blessings that He is just waiting to give to me if I only ask. I think that’s kind of how that scripture works that says we won’t have room enough to receive our blessings. We taught lesson 2 to a member family, the Laucks, specifically their sons, and I need to work on a lot. Mostly, simplify, personalize, and leave out the extra ‘um’ after each word. We had a good lesson with Cheyenne and the Elder’s Quorum Pres. Beckwith. We read 2 Nephi 4 and I felt a good strong spirit in our discussions and Cheyenne is way beyond ready for baptism. I think his testimony is necessary to help strengthen his wife and daughters testimonies. I liked during our lesson Elder Connors suggested reading verses 31-35 when we take the Sacrament. I might take up that. It sounds like a prayer.
Jrnl 11-4-09
Today was a crazy day. Nothing went through like all day and I was so tired just sitting in the car and stuff. I think I’m getting sick though cause I’ve had a headache and a little sore throat it feels like. I know it won’t keep me from working though because of the blessing Dad gave me before I left. But anyway, tonight we finally got in to a part member’s home and were talking with the non-member husband and his wife got there right before our next appointment so we were way late to our next appointment with the Eastons (she cuts hair). Luckily they were fine with us being late and all, but it was bad because all the sudden it was 9:35 and the latest we’re supposed to stay out is 9:30. So yeah, we got out of there quick. I don’t know if it’s the time change, but all the sudden we started being late. It’s definitely something I know I need to fix because I’ve already seen how it can cause lots of problems.
We did a lot of good service today and yesterday for a less active member, Jeff Johnson, who is moving out. Yesterday Jeff, Elder Connors, and I loaded and unloaded a U-haul truck in like 3 hours. Today’s load only took a half hour less with the rest of our district and Bishop Kimpton helping. He really appreciated the help and yesterday he even took us out to lunch. I think service is my favorite thing because I can easily show people I care about them by my work and I don’t have to try and say it. But talking about the gospel is definitely the most productive thing for my purpose, because the Spirit can speak through my words. So, there is moderation in all things, even tracking in Anchorage.
I’m trying so hard not to get fat, but we’re fed so much and it’s good food. The average weight gain in the mission is 40lbs. Elder Connors and I decided we might just need to eat only dinner.
I was looking for a folder that had my patriarchal blessing in it and I just barely kneeled down on my desk chair to pray for help. It was pretty awesome. I saw the corner of the folder in a pile of Ensigns before I even got off my knees. It was cool too, because I don’t think I would have looked there if I hadn’t knelt and prayed. Well, that’s about all I have to say, but I’m still writing so I can fill the whole page. That hasn’t happened for a while.
Jrnl 11-8-09
I’m glad it’s Sunday. It was Ward conference today and actually we had a 2 hour Priesthood meeting which was really nice about going after the lost sheep. However, Cheyenne didn’t come again! We talked to Megan and she said he didn’t feel well and he was pretty mad that he didn’t make it. He’s so ready to be baptized though.
It’s snowing now! There’s about an inch of snow on the ground already. We’ve been listening to Christmas music in the car and now it’s really feeling like Christmas time.

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