Sunday, December 6, 2009

Jrnl 11-17-09 through 11-23-09

Jrnl 11-17-09
This is the last week of the transfer and Elder Connors is doing “senior week” where I act as the senior companion and make plans and minor decisions. He said his trainer did it with him. This was the first real day like this and it’s actually kind of hard. Especially, with knowing if I am going what the Spirit would have me do. I need to focus more on my thoughts, specifically who I am thinking about. I also notices I haven’t been making it a point to talk to everyone I come across like in stores and restaurants. Our dinner appointment was too busy so they gave us money and we had Subway foot longs and a Cold Stone. I’m still stuffed. We eat so good here. An inactive member, Gary Hamilton, gave us some halibut that is just sitting in our freezer. We’ll have to get someone to cook it for us. Apparently there is a right way to do it. I finally got a picture of a moose. It’s lame, I haven’t taken many pictures at all because we’re not supposed to take pictures while we are proselyting, which is like all the time. Yesterday, I guess it got cold enough that everything are all white. I think it just does that through November.
Jrnl 11-18-09
We had a nice meeting with Bean & Sheena this morning and got them excited about temple work and Patriarchal blessings (except they forgot about the appointment so we basically woke them up). We had dinner at Bishop Kimpton’s tonight and had a good talk. However, we wanted to do “tacking in the home” (list of non members they know and prayerfully decide which to teach) but he refused before we even explained what we wanted to do. He is way busy and starts work at 4 a.m., so I can understand a little. It just seems so hard to get referrals here. So far they’re 8 year olds or less/inactive members. Still, we’re getting a baptism on Saturday and he, Cheyenne, just had his interview with Elder Murphy tonight!
Jrnl 11-19-09
Wow, we drove almost 70 miles today because we had no appointments and didn’t get in members doors for more than 5 minutes. Tonight though we had a good lesson with the Woodards and I got to hear some of Sheen’s testimony. She left the Jehovah Witnesses and Bean was Baptist, I think. They’re a great family and their son Nova is 5 and reminds me of Gary a lot.
Jrnl 11-21-09
Today was a pretty big day. This morning was transfer calls and Elder Connor’s kept talking to the Zone Leaders trying to find out where everyone (particularly if he) was going. We’re both staying for this transfer and Elder Murphy (ZL) is the only one in our district leaving. We had dinner in the church kitchen while we were filling up the font (and shot a couple hoops). Cheyenne’s baptism turned out pretty perfect. Beau Woodard said the opening prayer (he made it just in time), Elder Connors gave a great talk about baptismal covenants, then I got to baptize Cheyenne and I only had to baptize him once (however, I had to pause for a second so I didn’t say “for and in half of. . .” but, yeah. Sister Motuga, a Samoan lady who fellowshipped Cheyenne’s wife and everything, she gave a really nice testimony afterward and it was a perfect way to end it. President and Sister Dance made it to the baptism, too. They even stayed after to help us clean up and lock up. This was such an awesome way to finish off my first transfer.
Jrnl 11-22-09
In Sacrament meeting Cheyenne was confirmed by Elder Connors. President and Sister Dance made it to that, too. Sheena asked us to sit by her and Nova and Blaze because Beau was working in the E.R. and she isn’t really comfortable in the ward yet. The Motuga’s (A Samoan family from Hawaii) sang a great song about our Redeemer always remembers us and while I was listening, I felt lots of love for this ward for some reason. Probably just because thinking about the Savior will fill you with His love.
Cheyenne also got the Aaronic Priesthood in elders Quorum conferred by the Bishop, which is great, so now he can baptize his daughter.
Jrnl 11-23-09
This was a way relaxed preparation day. We did a lot of shopping, at least wandering. The only things I bought besides a couple groceries were 180 degree ear muffs and a Truman G. Madson “Lecture about Temples.” After that and all the regular mission office, email, lunch, laundry, we bummed out and listened to a ton of my Jesus of Nazareth C.D.’s. I kept drifting in and out and this is the least tired I’ve been in a long time. I don’t know if the Spirit wears me out like how Joseph Smith almost passed out after his experience, or if I am just worn down from being out of my comfort zone. But, I’m glad I can have joy as long as I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing.

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