Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Monday

Darn it, I had a letter written and then it got closed because a worker was showing a customer this laptop. Oh well, it'll just be shorter than I want it. I just wrote Bruce though. Thanks so much for your letter and email Mom. I didn't realize Kendall already left and he might be in Mississippi right now. Maybe I could write him if you have his address. I feel bad I never wrote Kyle. Anyway I kinda have been a little discouraged I guess from not having anyone to teach and maybe from the dark. But honestly it's not bad a all, especially because we've already had one baptism and Saturday he baptized his daughter and niece. We haven't seen the sun for like a week from tons of fog. It's actually pretty cool and everything is frosted white. Oh yeah I'm going to try and send a package home tomorrow with some pictures and stuff I don't need. I'm glad Grandma got to come down and see the nativity and the kids and stuff. That's too bad you did all the decorating by yourself. Have a great week Mom and I'll talk to you soon!
Elder Bryce

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