Tuesday, November 30, 2010


Hey Dad,
It was good to hear from you. Did you get up before 6 to write me? I had an awesome Thanksgiving. I'll try to give good details, but this letter will be for Mom as well:) Actually, I picked up a cold Thursday morning so I just tried to sleep through my District Meeting over the phone. Then at 2pm we went to the church and had an early dinner with a couple families and one of our investigators came, Susan Nolte. Then we took some chairs to the Taylors and helped set up for their dinner with another family. I was stuffed by the end and I didn't even try that ham that was in front of me in the picture. That night another family invited us to play volleyball at the church with them. It was lots of fun, but I slept 13 hours the next night. And I felt crappy the next day so we didn't do a lot, but the Taylors invited us over for leftovers for lunch and we helped them set up Christmas lights afterward. They're so awesome. They'll do anything for us. It made it nice, because I really only get homesick when I'm sick or on holidays.
I'm so glad you all had fun. It sounds like Mark and Brandon made the most of their night as well:)
On Sunday I substituted the youth sunday school class with all the 14-17 year olds and Elder Williams taught Gospel Principles because Susan Nolte came. It went pretty well. I probably taught the same lesson as Mom about Ezekiel and the Good Shepherd. It's a lot harder teaching teenagers than adults. Even though I'm barely not one.
I forgot Matt Earl is going to Utah State already. I'm glad he's doing well at it. Especially the Pipe band, that's awesome. Matt Snow has written me and he sounds great too.
It snowed here for a day. Then it rained and washed it away so it's normal Ketchikan again.
I don't think I need anything for Christmas. I'm loving my XtraTuff boots. Maybe a cool tie. And actually, Elder Williams and I are trying to eat more healthy so we'd probably enjoy some fruit more than sweets. I left my multi-vitamins in my last area so that would be good too. Transfers are next week for me, so I'm really hoping I can stay here one more. Things are so good right now with the work and the ward. I'll let you know what happens as soon as I can. I love you so much and was happy to hear from you a little on Thursday.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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