Monday, November 15, 2010


Hey Mom,
Our investigators are still doing pretty well. It was kinda hard to go to Juneau for half the week, but it was good training and we still picked up another investigator this week from someone who went to the family history center with her mom and we gave them a chapel tour afterward and we found out they'd both read the Book of Mormon before, but the mom wasn't willing to be taught. That was actually one of the things we got trained on was chapel tours. We also talked about laying down our weapons of rebellion that are keeping us from being obedient. Something that I got out of it and from one of the departing sisters was that if I just love the Lord, and show Him my love everyday with every decision that I make, then it will be much easier to follow Him.
Our baptism for Brittnee Gibson and her sister Sheyann went great. I got to baptize Brittnee and confirm Sheyann. Treasean, Brent Taylor's friend, came to the baptism and we taught him afterward. Then he spent the night with the Taylors so he could come to church. He's doing great as long as he can stay strong without the support of his family.
We went out on the boat docks to buy some live crab to cook up and 3 more whales blew their spouts just past the docks. I think Tasia was right. I am on vacation. I'll show you some pictures.
No, I didn't get to see the leadership training. And I'm still a horrible story teller because I smile when I'm talking and laugh before I finish.
Well, I think that's it. Elder Williams wants to go fly fishing today. See you later Bryce

PS- I did get the Extratuffs. They're awesome! I almost forgot to say thanks for the Thanksgiving package. It was way nice to get a letter from everyone. I'll try and hand write them back. Did you get the postcard that is supposed to go to Fenja? Wow, this is a pretty long letter.

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