Monday, November 8, 2010


I'll have to be quick, but this was such a great week. We were incredibly blessed. We picked up 3 really good investigators who all are friends (or living with) members. One was an 11 year old, Traesean, who has been coming to scouts and church with Brent Taylor. He understands very well the gospel and we've set a date for him to be baptized on Dec. 4th. We also are going to have a baptism this Saturday for the 12 year old who's living above us. A cool thing that happened to Elder Williams and I with one of our new investigators was we were told to visit Susan Nolte quite a while ago, but we had been knocking on the wrong house. We had gotten the correct house, but still didn't have luck talking to anyone. Last night, we both thought to try her again, even though we hadn't even planned to see her. She answered this time and let us in and wanted to hear our message. She was prepared to hear our message of the Restoration, and she told us she knew we were sincere about what we taught and she wanted to come to church and said she'd start reading the Book of Mormon tonight! That was so cool to hear and I'm so glad we were able to hear the prompting to visit her and we listened. I just wanted to share that with you. We have the Matlakatla and Prince of Whales Elders here and were flying up to Juneau for the next two days for Zone Conference and training so that's why I gotta go.
I love you Mom and Dad and I'm doing great.
Love, Bryce

PS- That was a cool letter Elder Grigorian wrote to you.
We saw 2 humpback whales and 3 orca this week. SO COOL!

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