Monday, June 6, 2011


Hey Mom,
Alright, so I'm staying in Fairbanks but quite a lot is changing. My area in 1st Ward is getting combined with 6th Ward, because we've been struggling in our area. I'm with Elder Boyer from 6th Ward, which I'm way excited about because we're already good friends. We are going to train a new missionary, so we'll be in a threesome. We find out in about an hour who our trainee will be. My district is with the Fort Wainwright elders(Elder Fryer and Anderson), who are both from St. George, and the sisters, one of them is from St. George too(Sister Davis). Pretty funny, huh? This is Elder Boyer's first area and he's been here for 6 months, so he really knows 6th Ward and he's very hard working and going to help out a lot with training. He's from Las Vegas and loves cycling.
Something that was disappointing this week was my ward mission leader, Brother Illguth, spoke in church about member missionary work. It was a great talk and he was very blunt that our ward needed to be doing better, and in Sunday School a lot of people even commented about how we should be doing more missionary work. However, only 2 families from our ward showed up to the missionary fireside that we had planned for that night. We do have some more ideas that we're working on, though, and we should be plenty busy working in both areas. It'll be fun getting to know some more people and another huge area.
We visited Timbre again, the one who was in the bike wreck, and he was home from the hospital and walking around a little, and he appreciated our visit.
Tell Grandma Snow thanks and I know that she loves me. I am so grateful for everyones thoughts and prayers for me. I appreciate them and need them. I love you all,
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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