Monday, June 6, 2011


Thanks for all the notes, sorry to make you worry. We didn't have anywhere to email because of memorial day.
OK. So, the past 2 weeks have been great. You're right, since we're covering 2 wards, we're keeping very busy. I really enjoy serving with Elder Boyer. He most reminds me of Sam Poulton. Our trainee, Elder Hartelius (or Hercules we sometimes call him) is a great elder. He's from Lehi Utah. He's a little goofy sometimes, but we seem to all get along great and work well together. It can be hard trying to teach with three of us, and it's probably intimidating when we're tracting, but it's better than I thought.
Last week since we couldn't email, we drove north and went on a cool hike. Elder Hartelius isn't much of a hiker, but he enjoyed it afterward. This weekend we're going to have two baptisms of the kids of a part member family who just baptized the mom. Another really cool blessing was a single guy, Ryan Shaw, called up the former bishop and wanted to learn more about the church. We gave him a call and he had us come over right then to teach him. He told us a little about how he's ready for religion in his life right now and we taught him the Restoration and he believed it all and wants to be baptised. He came to all of church and the next time we met with him we tried to set a date for his baptism, but he said he wants to finish the Book of Mormon first to build his understanding. He's already in Mosiah chapter 2, so that's way exciting and he has totally prepared himself for the gospel.
That was the highlight. I am so grateful for all the effort you put in to your letters and informing me on what's going on. Thank you so much for contacting BYU. I wasn't expecting to get that scholarship anymore, so that is awesome. That will help a ton I'm sure. Do you know if it's for a semester or a whole year? Thanks for telling me about the Farnsworths and Aunt Mary.
Gotta go. I love you and Dad and am so grateful for you.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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