Monday, June 20, 2011


This week we've been so busy with lessons and some more service again. We've been so tired, we try and nap while the other 2 are showering after service or instead of eating lunch. On Sunday, we went to the other ward's sacrament meeting, and then left early to drive to Nenana (about 50 min. south) and went to church there. The branch is tiny. There was less than 30 people including babies. After church we went on splits to try and visit a couple investigators there. It's a cool little town and is a very pretty drive. We got back just in time for a nice dinner and lesson with an innactive Harvey Lafever the 14th, who we're trying to help gain a testimony.
That was the most exciting thing this week. I'll be thinking of Liam, and Dad, and Grandma and Grandpa, and Grandma Snow. Dad, thanks for your emails. You'll have one in the mail. Hope you had a nice Father's day.
Love you always Mom and Dad,
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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