Tuesday, January 4, 2011


They really made a Wipe Out game? That's awesome, but still wouldn't be the same as going there. I'm glad everyone liked their gifts. I figured I should get some kind of Alaska souvenirs while I was here. It was fun finding them. I actually started a while ago. Could you let Grandma Snow know I got a big memory card with her money she gave me? I'm glad you had a couple good days at the beach. We're all the Wainwright's there? Sounds like you had a crazy week. Especially on the way back from the beach. You probably have deeper snow in St. George than I have had here. It's raining again today so our snow is gone again. I had a great New Years! The Taylor's got a ping pong table for Christmas so we had a ping pong tournament and played Farkle, a dice game that's way fun. Earlier we helped out at the Pioneer Home New Year's party and we toasted and sang Auld Lang Syne. Something else cool is we taught our investigator Kim and she finally prayed with us. I think it was her first time ever praying out loud. She might have just done it because we've asked her to so much, but it was a good prayer and she seemed happier after.
This fast Sunday was great. I can't remember if I've talked about it before, but our ward is starting a fast for missionary work where different families will trade off fasting for 100 days. It started yesterday and we had a great fireside last night to start it off. A couple that was baptized a few years ago gave their conversion stories. Then Susan Nolte shared her testimony. She was nervous, but did so great and it was so cool to have her speak when she's so new and excited and hasn't even been baptized yet. Then our ward mission leader's wife gave her conversion story. After that, our Relief Society President, who got this whole thing going, talked about having courage to share our testimonies. Then we went in the gym and had 100 Book of Mormon's for the ward to write their testimonies in the cover and give out during the fast. We gave out about 80, which was more than I expected with how many people were there. Hopefully we can give out the other 20 next Sunday when President Dance and Sister Dance are coming down to talk in church about missionary work. They'll also be here on Saturday for Susan's baptism as well. I'm way excited for this next year. I wish I could stay here longer to see how this fast helps out. It would be nice to at least have another baptism set up before I leave. Even if not, I've been so blessed with the success I've had already.
Cool quote mom. Are you excited to be teaching the New Testament now?
I love you all. Have a great week.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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