Friday, December 24, 2010


Hey Mom,
It's weird Christmas is in 5 days already. I'm most likely going to call you from one of the Taylor's cell phones. They all have Verizon. If that doesn't work I'll just give you a call and you can call me back. I think I mixed up the time change. If I call at 10 my time, it will be 12 your time. So I'll call around 10. I hope that works. Don't let Brandon sleep in. I could send you a bottle of water if you need ;)
Thank you so much for the Christmas package! You guys are so awesome. I especially love the dried mango and berries and I've been wanting almonds. The little tree was awesome too. I thought you were talking about the one I set up last year. You can never have too much Christmas decorations. I put it in the back room where I keep my stuff. I still have the 2 gifts and Elder Williams mom sent me a stocking. That CD of Brandon and Valorie is way awesome too. I'll have to listen to that on Christmas Eve, because they'll probably be singing to you guys then.
Hope those cards get sent out alright too.
Well, we have a lot of good stuff going on right now, but I think I'll just talk to you about it all on Saturday. One sad thing is the Ebry's, who we've been teaching lately to help Sister Ebry, are struggling pretty bad right now. Brother Ebry has been trying so hard to have a righteous household, but Sister Ebry doesn't have that same desire. The sad thing is that she knows she's not happy and she knows what she needs to do, but doesn't have the faith to do it. Anyway, that's just on my mind. I'll try and have some good stories to tell you guys and hope to hear EVERYTHING about how you are doing. I love you.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

PS- Pictures: My little Christmas tree, and Harley from the Pioneer Home (he's one of my favorites) we've been helping them a lot.

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