Monday, January 10, 2011


Hey Mom,
Susan's baptism went so well, thanks. This whole week was great. Elder Williams and I have already seen some effects of this fast in our work and in our members' efforts. We had a cool tracting experience where this black lady from North Carolina, Vedrene, who came up for 3 months to work at the hospital, invited us right in and wanted to hear our message. She'd never talked to Mormon missionaries before and liked everything we talked about. She said she felt like Joseph Smith and hasn't found a church that she can totally agree with and believe in. We're teaching her again tomorrow. She's so accepting of everything we feel like she'd likely accept an invitation to be baptized. The only problem is she's going back to North Carolina at the end of the month(Is Cody in North Carolina?). A few of the ward members have told us they've already handed out their Book of Mormons and most said it was easier than they thought. It's a pretty amazing thing that's going on. Mom, I can mail you one of the 100,100,100 programs and then you can show that to Sister Hintze. Having Susan's baptism right at the beginning of the fast and having President and Sister Dance there and speaking at Sacrament helped so much at getting this program started.
At Susan's baptism, her boss gave a talk on baptism, then Elder Williams baptized her, and President Dance bore his testimony while they were changing. Then Susan's friend Wendy DeGraffenried gave a great talk and told about Susan's conversion and then her own. She was how Susan was introduced to the church at nursing school in Anchorage and she flew down from Wasilla to be here for the baptism. It was cool too, because I found out that Wendy's kids were in my ward in Wasilla.
On Sunday I got to confirm Susan and then President and Sister Dance both spoke on member missionary work. During the whole
block I could feel the Spirit so strong.
I have never spent so much time with President and Sister Dance my whole mission. It was way cool. They flew in Saturday at 1pm and met us at their hotel and fed us at the restaurant there. Then we went to the church and they met Helen West and another recent convert family while we set up for the baptism. The bishop and his family fed us in the sunday school room after the baptism so President could talk with the bishop. They followed us around Sunday too, and we had long 45 minute interviews with President Dance. It was cool to get to know them better. Yes, it was a little stressful taking them around the whole time:) But really they are the most loving, caring people and it was cool to see how they interact with people.
Well, I can see that my letter is getting WAY to long, so I better quit writing fast.
I can get you Sister Taylor's email. Her son, Travis, just quit basketball because the coach was tearing him down. And on Saturday he flew down to St. George to live with his aunt so he can play for Pine View. Not only that his aunt is the one who lives in Brandon's neighborhood and ward. Crazy, huh? Watch out for him, I gave him a painting I just did to give to Brandon. I haven't decided if I want to keep it or give it to you and Dad. Here's a picture of the Taylors and Travis is the one on the right. You can't miss him. He's 6'4" and knows it. I'll tell Brandon to keep an eye on him too.
Love you,
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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