Tuesday, October 5, 2010


That does sound like a fun conference weekend. The pictures are great too. The kids are really growing up. I miss them. Liam has a way funny character. I'll never forget the conference up on Gooseberry Mesa.
That reminds me. I really liked the talk about building character. Except I can't even remember who gave it now. Also, Jeffrey R. Holland's really stuck out to me. It was way different than all his previous talks and it was a good way to start out conference. You might not have heard it because it was one of the first. It made me feel content with where I'm at and that Heavenly Father is pleased. It was more just a good moment for me, than something he was specifically saying. I also liked Elder Uchtdorf's definition of humility as focusing less on yourself and more on others. Last night and the night before at dinner, we talked about our favorite talks so that kinda made up not getting to do it with you guys, but that's definitely my favorite part of conference.
Sorry, I gotta go. The computers are being used up here at the college. Hope I said everything.
Love you and always look up to you.

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