Monday, October 18, 2010


Hey Mom,
I'm glad you and Dad and Crystal were able to go up for Julia's birthday, except it totally threw off my surprise. I shouldn't say totally, because what happened is Vicki Taylor was going down to Utah for her daughter's seizures, and went to St. George to visit her sister. So she wanted to bring a surprise package that she could hand deliver to you and Dad. I was thinking you for sure wouldn't be in Salt Lake, because you were gone last week. But luckily, Sister Taylor's sister lives in Brandon and Valorie's neighborhood and is in their ward. So at church Sister Taylor recognized Valorie and talked to them and ended up giving them the package, so it worked out in the end. Thanks for telling me about how all the family is doing. I'm glad you were able to make Grandma's day.
This week we started teaching another really good investigator who is best friends with Helen West(who just got baptized) and she is awesome. She hasn't ever read the Bible, but she has church hopped a lot and has actually been taught by missionaries and took her kids to mutual about ten years ago. She also knows a lot of members besides Helen. The only disappointing thing is she didn't make it to church Sunday:( We have a lot of good things going on right now, so it's exciting. Oh yeah, we had interviews over the phone with President Dance this morning and transfers are in a week so it'll be interesting to see what happens. That also means I'll likely email Tuesday. Well, we found a racquetball court in the rec center here so we're probably going to do that today. Thanks for all you do. Hope you like the packages. The fish is some members gave us and the Taylors gave you some I think. Love you.

PS- Here's some funny pictures. Yes, that boat is pulling the house ... somewhere. And the trampoline picture was me, trying to be smart by making my exercise routine bouncing from the trampoline to my bed. Except I bounced a little too hard and my bum went through the wall. So much for being careful.

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