Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Hey Mom,
:) Glad you liked the stuff. It wasn't much, but I thought it'd be cool. It was lame you weren't there, but it was actually a blessing she saw Brandon and Valorie. She enjoyed it, too. To get to the point- I'm staying here in Ketchikan. Elder Offley is going back to Anchorage. I'm getting Elder Williams. I don't know anything about him yet except he's from Idaho and fairly new. Tonight Elder Offley and a missionary who's going home leave, so I'm spending the night with the Prince of Whales elder(who's also a twin) until our companions come. I might get a little time to write you tomorrow, but I wanted to let you know what's going on just in case we don't have time. I hope I stay for quite a while. I love it here.
I told our landlord about the hole and told him I could patch it, but he hasn't looked at it yet. oop, gotta go. Love you lots.

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