Monday, October 11, 2010


Hey Mom
I'm glad you liked the pictures. I had fun taking them. I kinda wish I'd taken more. Mostly just of all the people I've met. It's actually quite amazing how many life stories you can hear in a day. I love hearing different peoples attitudes about life, and hopefully I've been able to improve a couple. Even if it's just by being there to let them think out loud.
In the video, Elder Offley was eating African Kayan Pepper which is like 10x hotter than normal kayan pepper. I'll have to eat it soon too. At a year most missionaries burn a shirt. I tried to burn a tie, but it didn't really burn. And I really have been trying to be safe. I haven't climbed up any buildings or poles or anything like that. And the flame thing was a trick photo shot. But I'll remember to be more careful.
Yesterday church was cancelled because there was another big storm and the whole town was out of power and a telephone line was blocking the church. North and South of town will be out of power for half the week.
We got 2 new investigators this week, which was a great blessing for us. And we would have had a third if we had church because Helen West was going to take her friend and she wants us to baptize her. Helen is already such a strong member and is working on her husband and kids too. It's sounds like you guys have had a busy and good week too. Tell Julia happy birthday for me if you're still there. I don't think I got anything for her, dang it.
So, I gotta go and I love you Mom,

PS- I fixed the violin bow with a $3 piece so it's good

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