Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Hey Mom!
Thanks so much for the violin and everything. It's so awesome. I liked the piano music just as much as the violin. I don't know the Alvey's very well so it's cool that they did that for me.
Anyway, I don't have a ton of time because we're going to Juneau again today for our Zone Conference. We have the Prince of Whales missionaries with us already. Elder Paul Piper of the 70 will be training us so I'm excited. It'll be my first gen. authority here.
I'm glad you talked to Tasia. She is very thoughtful.
I'm way happy to hear Dad will be working a little with Crystal.
So, I don't think I said I wouldn't want to live in St. George. What I meant is I don't think I could stand never coming back here.
Man, I still haven't told you about this "epic" week. Helen West got baptized Saturday and I confirmed her yesterday. She's so amazing. She's had a fever the past couple days, but she still got baptized. She said even if we had to carry her to the baptism, she wasn't going to let Satan keep her from getting baptized. Her husband wasn't there, which was sad, but she's already working on her kids.
Well, I'm doing great and am very happy! I hope you're doing the same!

PS- This week I'll have been out for a year. That's crazy!

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