Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Hey Mom,
It sounds like it was a good trip up to Mark and Emily's. That is a funny guy that called. We met him at church and he said he needed 3 Book of Mormons to give out. He bore his testimony and said he wanted to serve a mission, but found out he had frontal lobe damage and couldn't. But he's been in 5 mission presidencies and is an awesome missionary. I was going to forewarn you about the call but it was too late.
We were able to teach Helen again and finally teach Natasha(another investigator). But, neither of them came to Church yesterday. Natasha was busy, but we don't even know why Helen didn't come. I'm not really worried about her not being at church, but she wouldn't answer her phone either. We have a really motivated new ward mission leader and Relief Society President so our less active work is improving a lot.
So, I think I'll just send in this deferment paper. Thanks though. I let you know if I need anything else.
Oh yeah. I've been meaning to ask you what you mean by "J". I think your saying just kidding, but usually people abbreviate it with "JK". But I like J, too. :)
I didn't comment last time about what you were saying about pornography. That is pretty crazy. I think I understand a little how destructive it is. Even if it wasn't so addictive and hard to remove, it just degrades and makes worthless the most sacred gift Heavenly Father has given us. A big reason I want to do animation is so I can help make good entertaining movies that kids can watch without having to worry about inappropriate or immoral content in it.
Well, I'm so grateful for everything you and Dad have taught me and how you raised me. Have a great day. I love you.

PS- picture of me and Elder Offley above Ketchikan

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