Monday, February 1, 2010

Special Sacrament Meeting

Hey Mom and everyone,
This week has flown by. We had Zone Conference and this Sunday the wards in the whole state were supposed to bring investigators to church and Sacrament meeting was devoted specifically to Christ. Our ward only got 3 nonmembers to church, and we didn't get any of our investigators there. We even picked up 5 new investigators before Sunday and 3 of our 11 investigators had committed to be there for sure. At least we were able to teach this older lady, Kim, who came to church on her own and is a friend of a member in our ward. We've been so blessed in our tracting and 3 of our new investigators came from that. So last night, or this morning I should say, Sister Motuga (Samoan family) called us at 2:25 am and I thought it was just the alarm and hung up on her. She called back and said Bro Motuga was having a hard time breathing and was asking for a blessing before they went to the hospital. We called our ZL's to ask for permission, but they obviously didn't answer. So we decided to just go. Bro Motuga's brother was there, but he couldn't give him a blessing so I'm glad we could help. I was so tired this morning though and we slept instead of showering.
Sorry, I told you I'd send some journals last week, but I didn't send them until this morning. I did get everything from Summer, but I don't think I wrote her. I'm having a hard time finding time to write, but I can do better. Fast Sunday, I'll remember everyone, (As long as you all remember your red ties :)) I did love working on that house and shop(in Washington)and I miss it actually. Not really the heat. We went to the ski resort in the mountain range by us last Pday, I started to tell you about it. It was way pretty there and the mountains seemed huge. We went up a lift through the clouds and half way up the mountain. I got some nice pictures that I don't know if I should print or just wait and send my sd card with all my pictures. Today we want to play racquetball again or maybe basketball. I finally tried Moose meat with some rice. It's pretty good. And a less active guy gave us some more Halibut and Moose burger meat to cook up. Man, I'm excited for summer when I can actually go fishing. It's pretty expensive though until I've lived here for a year, so my second summer I'll likely fish more. I can't believe I've been out for over 4 months and Bruce has been out half a year. I can already see how my time is so short here. Last night at dinner this lady was talking about advice for life and she said "don't blink." I agree.
Oh, we're changing email addresses just so you know. You can still email to this address, but I'll probably switch over soon. I counldn't figure out how to do it today though.
Anyway, thanks for the letters. I love you, you know.

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