Monday, February 8, 2010

Super Bowl Sunday

It's been a pretty warm winter here, except it finally started snowing again the past 2 days. We're playing racquetball again today and Elder Smith is way excited to play.
So we checked up on that Samoan guy we gave a blessing to at 2:30 am and he said "I feel great Elders, I'm going to take you to Taco (Taco Bell)" They had us order what we wanted then they ordered a ton of taco's. I was thinking man they must be hungry, but I should have known they were getting it all for us! I was so bloated. Yesterday another one of the Samoan family gave us a whole ton of baby octipus! Luckily we were fasting so we didn't have to eat it in front of them. We're going to try some today, atleast one. I think they're raw in some coconut milk or something. Like the head and suction cups and everything! We had some more tracting success this week and it was a whole family. They are catholic, but I don't think they're practicing because they had a hard time remembering their churches name. They didn't really have any concerns either and accepted a Book of Mormon. However, it was lame, none of our investigators came to church! Oh well, we can't do much about that. But it's been a pretty busy week except yesterday being SuperBowl Sunday was tuff. It was worse than any holiday. Well, I gotta go and try and figure out how to change my email stuff.
Love you all,

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