Monday, February 15, 2010

transfer 2-15-10

I'm sad I didn't get a letter or email from you. Maybe the mission office is just holding my mail because I'm getting transferred today. Yeah, I'm going to Wasilla, so it's less than an hour away. I only had 1 transfer with Elder Smith, he's going to be training a new elder, so that's way awesome because he's only been out 6 months. It's kinda hard to be leaving this area. I got to say bye to a lot of the members yesterday. But what's sad is we just set a baptismal date for a guy we're teaching, Russ King, (that's not the sad part) and I will miss the baptism and didn't even get to say bye. However, I feel good about my new area and my new companion. I hear he's a hard worker. So we did eat some of the octipus. I didn't dare bite the head but I got a good 3 1/2 tentacles. I almost gagged at first, but it wasn't as bad as I thought. We tried to warm it up first in the microwave, but one of the legs started to blow up. The Iditerod is going on this week (it's a dog sled race across Alaska if you don't know what it is) and I might be able to help out with it. That will justify missing out on the Olympics. Actually I didn't even know they had started until the next day. It's crazy there is so much bad weather down south, especially on the East Coast, because it is the warmest winter they've had here in a while. I think that's evidence of the signs of the times. Anyway, I'm doing great and I gotta go to pick up the old AP from the airport. Love you Mom and Dad.

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