Monday, January 25, 2010


I am way excited to be teaching so much. This week we taught 21 lessons. We had way good tracting success and got 2 investigators who we taught on the spot and gave them a Book of Mormon to read. One guy said he has a member friend and has studied up on the church a lot, but isn't convinced about Joseph Smith seeing God and Jesus. He says he's a UFC fighter and showed us some crazy scars he has. Elder Smith knows the guy he said he fought and he's way good. Our coolest tracting experience was this older AfricanAmerican lady who was missing almost all her teeth told us to "please come back" the next day. She wasn't there when we went back so we thought she might have blown us off or something, but one time her daughter answered and said she was in the hospital and her husband just died. Her daughter said Joan would read the Book of Mormon so hopefully she brings it over to her, and she seems like she's really looking for answers. We were also way surprised when our investigator Dale Whaline called us up and we were able to give him a tour of the church and teach him the Plan of Salvation. He didn't make it to church, but he knows it's true and is praying about getting baptized. Something is just getting in his way. Anyway we're getting close with a lot of people and it's way exciting. We just don't know how to get them to church.
pictures. I'll need to print some, or try and fill up my card so I can send it to you. Today we're going to take a lift to the top of Alyeska so I should get some good pictures. I don't even have one of my companion yet. I realize I haven't been sending journals. I'll try to send some today. I'm trying to email better letters too. We mostly stay here our full hour now. But it is getting about time to go so I love you tons and I really am learning the language well:) Hope to hear from you soon, Bryce

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