Monday, January 11, 2010

Summer's letters

Hey Mom,
Yes I did get your letter and thanks. I did get Summer's letters and they made me way happy. You can tell her thanks if you get a chance to talk to her before me, haha. I'm so bad at writing. I get so many letters though! I'm just so loved I guess ;) You and Crystal sound like you have such crazy schedules! I appreciate how much time you must put to writing me and stuff.
Anyway I have a great companion. Elder Smith and I are working way hard with tracting and teaching lessons, and we're already getting blessed for it. We got one new investigator from tracting but he's not too solid and he's about all that's come from tracting except a guy that ran out in his whitey tighties who we had woken up and he yelled "What are you doing? You can't be here if you don't live here!" he looked quite ridiculous and we were about to ask what he was doing, but then he slammed the door. There are definitely some interesting people here. I'm learning a lot from teaching though even just members, and just relying on the Spirit. We should get one or two baptisms this transfer. Were teaching a couple people who know the gospel is true, they just have a hard time making commitments and let little things get in their way. I'm so grateful for the answers that the gospel has. God will give us anything we really stand in need of. Thanks for your love and prayers. I'm excited to get your letter!

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  1. Elder Tenney (Mitch) would love some of that cold from Alaska down where he is in the Amazon...and vice versa I am sure. Mitch is sooo excited that Sam P has been called to serve in his same mission (Brazil Manaus). Sounds like both the Elders Wainwright are having great mission experiences!