Tuesday, August 2, 2011


Thanks for your letter Mom,
I hope I answer all your questions. I did get my birthday package, and if I didn't tell you, sorry, I very much enjoyed the tie and cd's, I'm not sure if I should know the elder Peter. I'm sure Bruce will be happy with help getting set up for school. I hope I get a little more time to slow down when I get home but I definitely want to help Dad out too. I wouldn't even mind another project like the shop.
The duck race was a bet, so yes they gathered them with a buoy and the first ten ducks won. I don't even want to know how it started. They have crazy lotteries up here, like the largest lottery to guess the closest time when this giant tripod will break through the ice of a lake. I think it comes with the interesting people here. Next question- we borrowed bikes from some members and went on a really nice single track trail. In fact, one of the only single track trails here. I actually got to ride a really nice bike, which helped me be more careful.
Shelby is not on date. She seems to be doing well, though, and she wants to spend this week studying while her husband is down south fishing. We're going over there tomorrow for another lesson. As far as the rest of our work, it's been a little slow. Our district is having a hard time teaching too, except the Zone Leaders are having 4 baptisms this month, right before Elder Smith goes home too. Our main focus is we made a "hit list" of all the members we haven't met yet or been in their home and giving them a flier we made to help them with a missionary focus.
Ok that's all I got.
I do love you and hope you spend plenty of time with Bruce.
Talk to you later,
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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