Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Hey Mom,
That would have been a blast to be there with all the family, and it is a little weird with Bruce being home, but not too weird. This week was pretty fun, a little slow, but good. For Golden Days the parade was cool and we had a barbeque after with some of the members. Then we saw a rubber duck race down the river that practically the whole town went to. I'll put in a picture. Something else neat is we've seen a bunch of foxes lately in the evenings. Other than that we've just been trying to work hard and be motivating to get the ward a little more involved in the missionary work. We did get to teach Shelby, and ended up taking most of the day, because she cooked us lunch and we helped her move a couple things around. It was a good visit, she really wants to have a strong conversion and understanding, and then she said she wants to start working on her family. We went biking again today, so it was a great way to start the week. I love you and am so grateful for the many thoughtful prayers from you and everyone else. I hope you get to enjoy some time with Bruce. It sounds like he's already having some fun.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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