Tuesday, July 12, 2011

7-5-11 - 7-12-11


Hey Mom,
I can't believe you didn't write me. I guess I said I wouldn't be able to email. However, our new mission President told the Zone Leaders that we could email for an hour today. So, we were excited about that. We were able to meet President Beesley on Saturday. Most of it was just him and his wife talking about themselves and we were able to ask them some questions. I like them both a lot already. President Beesley was the head of security for Lockheed Martin and has helped design and test fly a lot of the new military jets, and during lunch he showed us some videos of his test flights. We had a really nice Sunday too. We went to Sacrament at 11 in 6th ward, then drove an hour down to Nenana for Sacrament, then drove another hour down to Healy and set a date for an investigators baptism who is down there. We stayed and went to their church at 5pm (because of all the tour guides who work on Sundays). We taught the Gospel Principles class and had a nonmember there someone brought with her who had never heard anything about the church, but he stayed all three hours. By the end of church he wanted a triple combination and the Gospel Principles manual to read. So, that was pretty cool. We spent the night at a member's home in Nenana so that on Monday we could help out with the town Fourth of July festival. That was a really fun way to spend the Fourth and was definitely the most exciting part of this week. Small towns are so cool, and the members acted like we were celebrities who never get to come around.
Brandon told me he got a full time job to teach at Price. That's pretty exciting. It seemed like he had a fun birthday too. Well, I don't have too much more time. I just wanted to let you know how my week went.
Love you,
Elder Bryce Wainwright

Next week is transfers, so I'll write you on Tuesday again. I'm pretty sure I'll stay, but who knows.

Haha, I knew you would feel bad for not getting a letter to me, but it was my fault and I was happy I got to send you something. The college library was closed on the 5th too, but when this black lady we were doing service for heard that we couldn't email our families, she called up her daughter who was in the computer labs to let us in so we could write you.
So transfers, we were pretty sure that if anyone was leaving it would be the other trainer, Elder Boyer, but it turned out that Elder Hartelius went to North Anchorage and Elder Boyer and I are separating into our old areas. Elder Boyer is training again, and the funny thing is I'm getting Elder Fryer who is from St. George too. He was in Fairbanks in the ward on Fort Wainwright. I'm way excited for this transfer and we have some good things started in 1st ward. It's kinda weird not having three of us anymore, and I probably will miss how busy we were covering so much area last transfer. Hopefully, we can make things this busy in 1st ward.
I have a fun birthday planned. I found out a less active member who's wife we're teaching has the same birthday (David and Anne McGraw) so they want us over for dinner, and they invited our ward mission leader's family too. It should be way fun and good for the McGraws too

Thanks for thinking of me, and all the reminders. Have a great week, and I will too.
Love, Elder Bryce Wainwright

PS- Our mission president swapped from Russia as well as another president because Russia was questioning if the US was sending in CIA intelligence through missionaries. And President Beesley knows more about the new military jets than probably anyone in the world. A good reason to pull him out, but it was cool when President Beesley shared how each mission president that was switched had some kind of experience to confirm that they were where they were supposed to be. Pretty cool. 

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