Tuesday, February 8, 2011


Hey Mom,
Thanks for Gary and Sara's letters. Let them know I miss them too and I'll be home as soon as I can to play with them. I know what Gary feels like. I'm better now. I took zinc pills the whole time and I think that helped it not be so bad. That's crazy Mark's family is still sick. Glad to hear that Dad is enjoying work and has some. When does Bruce come home? July?
We got to butcher some old chickens and keep the meat. They said it's tuff but good in soups. We tried fishing this morning at low tied. No luck. We heard there's winter King's in. I'm not so sure though. We had kind of a slow week. But it was still good. It's helped me to focus on listening for and acting on the Holy Ghost. We were excited about the First Presidency message. We're trying to implement it and rally or encourage the ward to do missionary work and help us find. The ward here is already so missionary minded, with a little motivation it could explode. Then it'd be like we have a whole army of missionaries here instead of just us. That also means we'll have to be on top of our game, and really be there for the ward and have their trust. We want to get an email going giving ideas, quotes, successes, and encouragement to go and invite. Really that's how missionary work works best.
Anyway, we're going to Juneau again for zone conference on Wednesday night and the Metlakatla Elders are coming over here until then, so I'll have to go soon to get ready. Thanks for the camelpack and stuff :) Bro. Taylor gave it to me. Was it dad's camelpack? The bladder is new. I use it every day for my backpack because it's small. Thanks for Steve Wainwright's address too.
Love you. Have fun with the kids.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

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