Monday, February 21, 2011


Hey Mom,
Thanks for the letters. They were nice. Janet is so awesome to write me so much too. I'm glad you told me how Scott is doing. That was encouraging to hear. I've been praying for him too.
Next Tuesday is transfers already, so it pretty much means my time here is done. You could still send those cd's though. Elder Williams would like to hear it. We had some cool stuff happen this week. We were just calling all the less active members we haven't met and one lady said she'd feed us the next day. We found out that she was a convert and just hadn't been to church hardly at all since she moved to Ketchikan. In fact, she asked us to get her membership record number so she could order more temple clothes. They invited us over tonight for dinner too and their going to let us spin our own wooden pens. And we're bringing the Burkman's over because Mike wants Bro. Burkman to teach him how he makes bows. Also, last night we had dinner with a nonmember couple who we tracted into this week. She, Maggie, said she knew some members, but wasn't interrested. We left her with our number in case she had any service that we could help out with. A couple hours later, their tv broke and the husband can't get around well so she called us up and fed us for it. We didn't think we'd get to teach them, but they kept asking us so many questions about our missions and said how much she respected members of the church that we ended up teaching the Restoration and Maggie committed to read and pray about the Book of Mormon and even said the closing prayer. So that was cool. We found out she's doing genealogy and has even done family home evening in the past. It dumped a coulpe of inches of snow last night so we shoveled their driveway this morning.
Those were some highlights. I always love meeting with and having dinner with Susan Nolte, our recent convert. She's a cool lady, and it's exciting to see how strong her testimony is. I don't worry about her not making it, like what you were saying about them governing themselves after you teach them truths. Hope you have a great week. Tell Gary he needs to get better now. Love you.
Elder Bryce Wainwright

PS- I like the scripture you quoted Moroni 7:33. That's one of my favorites.

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