Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Sunday

Hey Mom and Dad,
Thanks so much for both your letters. I feel like I'm learning so much about you and your strong testimonies. It definitely gives me strength. Myldsmail wasn't working for a while and I don't have too much time so I'm afraid I'll have to be a little brief.(especially compared to Mom's letter)
Conference was amazing! Either it gets better each time or I listen better each time. I agree Mom that it seemed to go by fast and when President Monson spoke, I think at the end of Saturday afternoon,(actually it was Priesthood) I felt that Heavenly Father was speaking through him to me. Not even necessarily by what he was saying either. Elder Uchtdorf's talk in Priesthood was my favorite or the one I needed most, and Elder Eyrings. I liked how he said "patience is actively working towards worthy goals, and not getting discouraged when you don't see results"(or something like that). Patience and diligence have a lot to do with each other I think. We still don't have any investigators so we're working on both of those things and also trying to stay light hearted and enthusiastic when we talk to people. Elder Simmons recorded conference on his audio recorder so we listened to Elder Uchtdorf's again.
I'm so glad everything seems to be going well with you. I just heard there's 11 inches of snow in St. George from a member's cousin. Is that possible? (no)
We went running this morning for about 2 miles. It was pretty warm, but it about killed me. We also hiked a little mountain last Monday. It's so great to excercise and not have to wear a coat.
I love you all,
Have a great rest of the week.

I got bit by a dog behind the knee right after conference. The first door we tracted a dog tried to bite Elder Simmons, then the very next door as we were walking away another dog nipped me and tore my pants on the seam. Only 3 teeth punctured skin. It's not anything like Bruce's dog bite.
I'm sending a couple pictures too. I only have one 4GB card, so I probably won't send it for a while.

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