Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Hey Mom,
Thanks so much for your letter. And the birthdays. I can't believe I couldn't remember yours and I always mix up Brandon's and Crystal's. That is great to hear that Emily is pregnant. I assumed she was from what you said.
It's amazing how the "primary answers" for the gospel are really the primary answers to most our needs. Like it's amazing Liam already knows that Jesus Christ was Resurrected.
I can totally see how you were describing Joshua. It's awesome he can entertain himself so well. He's so tuff too.
That was cool to hear how mission calls are made.
Man, I was hoping Matt would get to stay in Argentina, but I'm sure this trial will strengthen him like you were saying about Elder Scott. Let him know he's in my prayers too.
This week we've seen some progress with some people we tracted into. One guy knows some members, started to read the Book of Mormon, and was going to come to church, but didn't make it. Another lady we gave a Book of Mormon to also has a friend in the ward that we found out about. So that makes it nice to have members who have the trust of the people already. We found another guy who is a really tuff guy to teach. He used to be a preacher and now he doubts if God even exists. He thinks that man just make up God to have a reason to have their will done. He also knows there's many errors and contradictions in the Bible so he doesn't take any of it for truth, and he thinks the Book of Mormon is the same way. We got him to commit to read some of the Book of Mormon though. It's hard to help him recognize God's hand in his life when he questions everything. He says he wants to know if God really exists, but he's not willing to make that necessary step of faith before his witness will come. I'm sure he's had some witnesses and just hasn't recognized them. Anyway, we're trying to find anyone who might be ready for the gospel, but I can see how Satan makes people, and us, be busy just to be busy and miss out on important opportunities. I really hope I never miss one because I didn't listen to the Spirit.
I love you Mom. Thanks for thinking of me. I'm thinking of you too.

PS Could you tell Ionut Happy Birthday and make sure he knows how grateful I am for him and how much I miss him. Thanks!

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