Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Hey Mom,
My bite is fine. I didn't get stitches or anything and I was taken care of. One lady in the ward stitched and patched my pants up and Sister Jones who does our laundry gave me some stuff to put on it.
We've been giving out a lot of Book of Mormons, but haven't been able to get any return appointments really. Except one lady has actually been reading the Book of Mormon so we'll definitely keep working with them. She works on Sundays though:(
A less active woman fell down her stairs in the middle of the night and died who us and our Ward Mission Leader and his wife have been getting to really know and make progress with. Her husband is really having a hard time and blaming himself because he always gets up to help her down stairs. I think that talk from Elder Scott about trusting in the Lord would help him. I hope this experience will allow him to come in closer to the church and not push him away. It will always be hard though.
It was Elder Simmons birthday on Emilies birthday so that was fun. We had a little party at our dinner appointment. I made him breakfast, but I felt kinda bad I didn't get him anything. (and we cooked up some red salmon for lunch)
I gave a five minute talk on Sunday. That was the least nervous I've ever been to give a talk, but only because I prayed and was talking about the Restoration.
Dang I feel bad I missed Grandma's birthday. I guess I missed Gary and Sara's too. I don't really know when everyone's is. This is bad, but Mom is yours on May 20th?
They days now are about normal summer days, but we gain like 5 min a day.
I was going to send you more pictures but I forgot my camera.
I'm glad Dad is busy and tell him I love him too! You should send some pictures of Grandma's place when it's done and stuff.
I love you so much and think about you both every day
Take care! and I will too.
Love, Bryce

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