Monday, March 8, 2010


Man, I feel so lucky. Just about everyone wrote me today. So, not much happened investigator wise with me but this week went so fast. We did a lot of service helping someone move, someone do electrical, we helped with the Iditerod(I was hoping we'd see some dog sleds or something but we just packed everything back into a storage unit) also, just on our way to email we helped this girl get out of a snow drift. The snow blows in piles on the roads and in this spot it was probably 50 mph winds! We were inspired to stay in our service clothes, but I literally thought my face would freeze. It was covered in water, snot, and ice! We had Zone Conference this week. It was really good and I needed it. Brother Watson spoke and he helped write Preach My Gospel and is in charge of the Dpt. of Proselyting or something. It helped me increase my faith and gave me a lot to work on with how I teach by staying focused on my purpose.
So it sounds like quite a bit is going on there. I'm glad Dad is making the Washington house nice for you two. I am also so grateful that Dad was able to be the bishop when I left on my mission. It only made him twice the example to me. That's also awesome Brother (Bishop) Decker will be able to send out Josh. And I'm glad Cody is doing well. Kendall and Bruce seem to be doing so great too. I wish I heard more from Matt though.
That's way funny you and Bruce's companion were studying Abraham and Lot and stuff because my companion is too. He was glad to hear someone else was struggling with the Old Testament too. He almost gave up because it just doesn't have the same power as the Book of Mormon and it's the Law of Moses. He realized a lot of it is about the temple and it is still all testifying and preparing the people for Christ to come.
Well, don't work too hard you two. I love you Mom and Dad. I am so grateful that our whole family is sealed and temple worthy. It is so sad to see how often it seems that is not the case and so many families are torn apart. I think that is why I don't miss you all too much. Take care and I'll talk to you soon.

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