Wednesday, March 17, 2010


Hey Mom,
Thanks for your letter, and the updates on Matt. It sounds like people there are so ready for the gospel. At least a lot more so than here. I think it's because people are comfortable here. They have nice cars, big yards, snow toys, they can keep to themselves, and so many people smoke a ton. It's legal to have weed, just not legal to grow it. Which doesn't make any sense. There definitely are people who are ready or looking for the gospel, it can just seem really hard to find them. Elder Simmons and I are trying something different and we have been passing out flyers to invite families to have a family night at the church. I'm a little nervous people won't show, but whatever happens is supposed to I guess. We have no investigators we're teaching so it's taking a lot of faith on our part to just keep tracting and teaching members because we feel like it's not being successful. There's so many Jehovah's Witnesses up here. Everyone keeps telling us we've already been by and it's really JW's. Anyway, something I learned from ZC was to get referrals from members is just build their faith and teach them the simple message we teach so they will be more confident in sharing it. Also when teaching, the most important thing is to listen. Really listen to the investigator and ask good questions instead of worrying about what to say next or covering all the content of the lessons. And then just listen for the Spirit and it will show me what I need to say next. PMG does talk about that, but it just hit me harder in ZC. So, I guess what recharges my batteries is teaching people. Mostly because I need to work on it so much.
What you were saying about marriage definitely applies to missionary companions too. When we have the same goals and purposes the minor things are smoothed over.
So I've started buying fruit because not many people have it at dinner. The fruit is expensive and has to be a little raw or bruised because it's barged up here. But I'm not complaining at all. Last night we had stake and potatoes and ice cream and pie. I'm jealous it's getting green there. We have a month or two before the snow will all melt here. But I think our daylight is passing up yours already so that's nice. Well I better send this so you can get it.
I love you Mom and Dad,

Oh yeah, I saw Dad yesterday, leaning on the white F150. Haha, some members google earthed our house last night and it has a picture with Dad and I think Gary is in front of the McArthurs house. I remember Dad saying he saw the Google car driving up the circle. Anyway that was cool.

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