Monday, July 26, 2010


Thanks for the pictures Mom. And Dad, for taking them, I assume. So, do you think pictures takes care of writing too? Haha. You probably had a busy week. Mark and Brandon wrote me and Bruce good letters. Not too much happened this week for me. We started playing frisbee golf every morning with our district leader to help motivate us in the mornings. I just bought a cool Gerber knife with Grandma and Grandpa's money. Before I forget, next Tuesday is transfers so this is probably my last week in the Valley. I've been here 6 months. It's been really drizzly lately, but we might go hiking anyway today. We had a fun ward barbecue this week, but none of the less actives that we invited came. The Bethel's were there though, that was good. I'll be sad when I leave this ward because the members are so loving. Even the less active ones we're working with. A guy we helped teach the temple prep lessons to really wants us to go with him, but I don't think it'll happen.
So I didn't even know Valorie is pregnant again. How is she doing? Brandon said she might have to be bed ridden. I'm getting excited for Emily.
Oh, so know what would be cool is to have pictures of my artwork. You could even email them to me if you have them. If not don't worry. A couple people wanted to see my artwork. Another thing is did Brandon and Valorie make a cd of them? Brandon was talking about it and that would be cool to have. Anyway, I'm still enjoying the things you gave me. That'll be way sad if Bruce can't get his package.
I better get going. Thanks for everything that you do for me, and for all the prayers. I'm praying for you and always thinking of you.

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