Monday, July 19, 2010


Matenuska Glacier
Dear Mom and Dad,
First, thanks so much for the great package and letters. I had a wonderful birthday! For breakfast we made smoothies and waffles and then I opened your package, I also got a little package from Tasia Stubbs with a cd and 2 Book of Mormons with her testimony to give out. I was way surprised to get binoculars, they're way awesome. The cd's are perfect too. I appreciated all the hiking supplies too. If it's not too rainy later today we might go hiking. My birthday dinner was great. It was rainy all day until about an hour before our barbeque and we had hamburgers and marinaded chicken and ice-cream cake with the Jones and their kids the Walkers and Rindlisbachers. Also, Elder Simmons was in Palmer for a leadership meeting so he dropped in to wish me happy birthday. That was way cool to see him again for a little bit.
So with Megan's money I bought a frisbee-golf frisbee (there's a course in our area) and with the money you and Grandma Snow gave me I want to buy a knife. There's a really cool Browning bone handled one at Sportsman's Warehouse I might get.
Anyway, I had a wonderful week and I am so well taken care of by Heavenly Father and by you two and everyone.
A cool thing is we had a guy help us make the "peanut smashing game" that Mark made and we tried it out with the Bethel family. They thought it was awesome. We do a lot of family night activities with some less active families so we wanted to teach them a game they could do easily.
We got to go to the Matenuska Glacier last Monday and that was awesome. You can walk anywhere on the glacier which is way cool, but we had to be careful. Here's some pictures. Oh yeah, I loved all the new pictures! The kids are changing a lot. The fishing pictures were cool too, even the belly one;)

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