Monday, July 12, 2010


Haha, I think my letter got lost in my head. The library was closed to email for the 4th of July, but I had some time while we were doing laundry so I sent you those pictures. I should still probably write a letter because I know my emails are crappy. Maybe I do have hay fever or something because I just haven't felt well the past month or so and have had to sleep in a couple times. Mostly it's like a soar throat. Our area is really slow right now too, so it's been hard to stay motivated. I'm way excited for my birthday though. An awesome family, the Walkers, signed up to feed us and they're making a cake and having a bbq at a park for me. That's pretty much what we did for the 4th too. The Walkers, Jones, and Rindlisbachers had us at their family get-together on Saturday night at the park and we played soccer with them afterward for a bit. They're so awesome. The Jones are the ones that do our laundry and they often feed us lunch too. It feels like home there. We even broke in once to do our laundry. A 2nd story window was open so Elder Simmons boosted me up so I could let him in. Next time they were gone they just left us a spare key.
Before I forget I'm glad you gave Sara a letter from me too. I miss them all so much. I always talk about my nieces and nephews when someone has little kids that do something that reminds me of them. So who's chicken and dog was Sara feeding?
A blender is a good idea. I have craved smoothies a lot. Luckily, my apartments have been well equipped and I've had a blender, so I've been able to make a couple smoothies. And Elder Stokes was actually going to buy some frozen fruits so we could make one on my birthday. So, I might actually get something else, OK? Maybe a good CD, or a tie, or something. I'll wait until I get your package. Thank you Mom for always being so very thoughtful and loving. I have always felt content and taken care of by you and Dad. (except that we never had a dog after Rascal) Haha, just joking. I'm happy to know that you'll be thinking of me. I'll be thinking of you too! All of you! Have a great week and I will too. I love you.

Elder Bryce Wainwright :)

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