Monday, August 16, 2010


Hey Mom and Dad,
I'm so glad you had a fun birthday Dad and that you liked the package. Wow that does look like an awesome hike. And it would have been fun to be there with everyone. It's cool Scott and Jonathan came down to go. We're trying to hike a big peak called Deer Mountain today with Travis Taylor (the son of Valerie and Emily's cousin). We were going to do it last Pday, but just hung out with the Taylor's instead. They're a really awesome family and love having us over. Oh, but I did catch a couple of those fish, Elder Offley caught like six, but I was looking for the whale and watching the eagles most the time. We found out they were mostly Chums (dog fish). Something cool- it's been really hot and sunny lately and no one has AC so we've been eating outside, and on Friday we ate on rocks next to a waterfall. It was a little weird because we were in our suits, and the daughter walked up on people who were about to go skinny dipping, but it was still cool.
We had a much better week with our investigators. Some are moving out, but one girl, Natasha, is getting close to baptism if we can get her to come to church. We think her husband is holding her back. This week we started teaching a lady who is so prepared for the gospel. She watches BYU TV all the time and had called our church building for a triple combination. So we dropped one off for her and her husband just said she'd call if she had and questions about it. So we were disappointed that we didn't even get to meet her, but she called us while we were still driving back and asked if we could meet to teach her. She accepted everything we taught and when we were talking about Joseph Smith she said that she knows he is a Prophet. And she said she wants to be sealed to her husband. We asked if she would be baptized and said she would. It was amazing. The next time we met she was sick so we just called her and answered her questions which was pretty much everything that the Articles of Faith cover. She got really excited and said she has been looking all her life for this. She is so in tune with the Spirit. The only thing that is hard is she has bad arthritis and other health issues that make it hard for her to get to church. She was a big highlight of this week.
I've been blabbing enough, I better go. I am so glad you had a great week with everyone. Tell them all I missed being with them! The meteor shower would have been cool too. I wish I could sleep outside here--Especially when our apartment is hot.
I love you two. See ya,

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